Fishing Competition Terms

1.       Weigh in will be from 2pm to 5pm at The Churchill Club, 259 Riddell Rd Glendowie. Contestants must be in the weigh in queue before 5pm.

2.       Registered participants must have their tickets on them when weighing in fish and at prize giving to be eligible.

3.       You or your delegate, with your ticket, must be at prize giving to be eligible for any prizes. Otherwise prizes will be cascaded to the next eligible entry.

4.       Lost tickets will not be replaced without evidence of purchase.

5.       Purchase of and completion of the ticket identification details constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.

6.       All tickets are eligible for species prizes and all random draw giveaways however only a current financial member as at the 21st March 2020 is eligible for the Members’ Largest Snapper category.

7.       Each ticket is only valid for one prize within each category, E.g. if a child catches the largest snapper they will receive the prize for the largest snapper overall (non members) and the child prize for the largest snapper will cascade to the second largest snapper caught by a child.

8.       Children/Boys/Girls 16 years and under as at the 17th October 2020.

9.       Fishing shall be with rods, reels and handlines only. Fish caught by any other methods including Kontikis, Nets, Longlines, Spears are not eligible.

10.   You may only weigh in one fish per species plus an additional entry for Largest Snapper which will also be eligible for Members’ Largest Snapper if the entrant is a member who holds a valid current membership card in their name.

11.   The permitted fishing area is between Cape Colville and Takatu point.

12.   All eligible fish must be caught on the day of the competition.

13.   Cheating will result in instant disqualification from the competition.

14.   Only legal and healthy fish will be accepted and the organisers reserve the right to reject any fish presented based on being undersize or its condition indicating its capture does not comply with the terms and conditions of entry.

15.   The decision of the judges will be final and binding on participants.

16.   Prizes are as offered and cannot be redeemed for cash.

17.   If two fish are eligible for the same prize, the first weighed in will be deemed the winner of that prize.

18.   Any categories where no eligible fish are presented will have the associated prize allocated by random draw.


 Postponement – Should the organisers wish to postpone the competition due to adverse weather conditions, a notice will be posted on the Churchill Club’s website at the following address by 6pm on the 17th October 2020, Postponement will only be due to the weather conditions being considered unsafe by the organisers. If the competition is postponed the competition will be automatically rescheduled to Sunday the 18th October 2020. If this back up date is cancelled due to weather conditions, all prizes will be randomly drawn on a later date at the Churchill Club. Participants must be present to win.